Sunday, March 11, 2012

#561 Farewell.

We all miss you.


John T. Quinn 3rd said...


Milenko said...

Because of him, I picked the pencil as my tool of trade.
Awesome sketch.



Patrick said...

Hello John, hello Milenko ,I'm still stunned,What a tremendous inspirational artist he was for all of us.I love following is work,in constant renewal always looking for new pioneering styles ideas and colors.His legacy of work is enormous and can feed generations of artists imaginations.What a artist,What a example!

Federico Bertolucci said...

The best homage.

Uncle Emile said...

a real hug!
we all need it...

quel beau dessin plein d'âme!

merci Pitrak pour tes gentils mots!

Uncle Emile said...

il faut que tu post ton dessin ici :

dans la rubrique submit