Thursday, July 07, 2011

#473 Episode 2


Anonymous said...

Good morning Patrick,
I'm Virginia, from Spain. I found your blog by chance and I was surprised.
I want to know if you would make me a caricature and how much would be.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards.

Patrick said...

Hello Virginia.
Send me your Email adress if you can at .

Just Allison+Jane said...

bonjour mr. patrick. this is your dear friend allison. i noticed that this little kitty cat might be fatso in pearls? is it so? I just wanted to say hello and I love the new drawings!!! they are so great and oh how i miss my dear friend! I will send you an email soon to update you on the grand adventures. hope all is well!!

Patrick said...

Dear Allison,how is superwoman doing?
You're right it could be the mighty one with a wig.Male cat like human have titis.I hope you have a wonderful summer give my best regard to Alex.I'm visiting Nina's Mum and Dad.The weather here is a nice escape.Kisses