Sunday, February 21, 2010

#366 D.W founding fathers.

This is one of my early acrylic painting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of my employement at D.W .Thankyou for trusting me all these years.

#365 Disclosure

Drawing made around the same time.

#364 Arriving in L.A

I posted this drawing mostly for myself.It represent friends I met ,stuff that happened and things I did or could have done when I just arrived.The Big Boy statue did disappear on Glenoaks as well as the restaurant, I did pass my driving licence but got a Dodge Neon and I do not have this tshirt anymore . Finally a want to send a big hug to Jenny, Paul and Esther,and to Louise ,Benedicte Emanuela ,Nico and Rodolphe for helping me settle down.
I got ton of drawing made in London maybe for another post to myself.

#363 "a la maniere de..."Part3

Danny DeVito returning from a visit to Snow White's cottage.
I dedicate these drawings to Janna .

#362 "A la maniere de..." Part2

Barbra Streisand in Japan.

#361 "A la maniere de ..."

When a famous actor is drawn in a characteristic style.My homage to both John Travolta and Al Hirschfeld