Friday, May 14, 2010

#381 See what he is saying!

I had to pleasure to meet Mr C.J. Jones this week and follow him in a documentory titled "See what I'm saying"by Hilari Scarl and edited by a colleague of mine Marcus Taylor.
You are right Deepa It's AMAZING!!!!!!!


Wouter Bruneel said...

Awesome work.You are an inspiration.

Braam Jordaan said...

I really love this illustration! C.J must be thrilled!

Poussinaute said...

Même si on ne les connaît pas, on ressent immédiatement toute la sympathie que tu as éprouvée à leur égard. Bravo Patrick pour la vie que tu donnes à tes caricatures !

Patrick said...

Thank you to the three of you.
Braam it was great to meet you,I hope your interview went well.
Mr Wouter Bruneel I'm touch I love your work very much too.
Merci Poussinaute pour tous ces gentils messages qui font chaud au coeur.

CJ said...

Hi Patrick!

I loved it! it is now displayed as desktop image on my MAC laptop! Many of my friends thought it was AWESOME! They asked me if this is going to be a cartoon on TV. I said who knows? Hope someone will notice it and make it into a movie with three characters together. That would be awesome and definitely a big HIT!! I love the characters! You are brilliant! Perfect cast! LOL Thank you so much!!!! Cheers!

Patrick said...

Hello CJ,
It was a real treat to meet you.
What you are all achieving daily ,like it is shown in this documentory, is to me phenomenal!
I'm so please you like the drawing.
All the best to you!

Hilari Scarl said...

Patrick -thank you for this beautiful drawing of CJ and Deepa. I love it!

I was really glad you came to our screening of SEE WHAT I'M SAYING. It was a magical evening. Please keep in touch!

Hilari Scarl

Patrick said...

Thank you Hilari ,your documentory is a real energy booster!!