Sunday, April 04, 2010

#375 And "Rahan" created the GPS

A little Homage to two amazing artists, Andre Cheret and Enrique Romero, who both drew this character. Also a special mention for the storyteller Roger Lecureux.
Some other artists and childhood heroes I would like to name.
Gerald Forton who drew "Teddy Ted",Felix molinari who drew "Garry Pacific"and Raphael Caro Marcello who drew "Dr Justice".
Thanks to Mr Bodard for giving me the inspiration for this image.
Why does this character remind me so much of Claude Francois?


BODARD said...

J'adore ! Rahan est un de mes héros de BD préférés, j'ai grandi avec Pif Gadget et j'ai moi aussi comme références Teddy Ted, Dr Justice... et Corto Maltese publié pour la première fois en France dans cet hebdo génial. Ta caricature est époustouflante et ton titre est à mourir de rire. Merci pour le clin d'oeil, je suis TRES fier de t'avoir inspiré cette image ;O)

ma caricature de Rahan dessinée à l'occasion des 40 ans de Pif adget l'an dernier :

Patrick said...

40 ans de magazine 4o ans de gadget il faut le faire!!!
Encore merci Mr Bodard.

Grand said...

Vraiment génial!

Boris Andreev said...

Hey Patrick, howdy :)
I was in my 6-th grade (back there in Russia, in the middle of Siberia) when I saw a few pages of Rahan at first time ever. I was completely blown away by the quality of the drawings and the line work the artist delivered! That was the key point in my life when I thought to my self: I'd like to become an artist as skilled as this one! :)
Oh, well. I have still been keeping those few pages somewhere on a shelf.

Patrick said...

Hello Boris,I'm glad you you got these pages and made that decision! .I have to say Andre Cheret's drawings are terrific,the concept of the story was very clever.And the sabertooth necklace was a prize possession when I was a kid.