Sunday, February 21, 2010

#364 Arriving in L.A

I posted this drawing mostly for myself.It represent friends I met ,stuff that happened and things I did or could have done when I just arrived.The Big Boy statue did disappear on Glenoaks as well as the restaurant, I did pass my driving licence but got a Dodge Neon and I do not have this tshirt anymore . Finally a want to send a big hug to Jenny, Paul and Esther,and to Louise ,Benedicte Emanuela ,Nico and Rodolphe for helping me settle down.
I got ton of drawing made in London maybe for another post to myself.


Amir Avni said...

your drawing of "Big Boy" is more appealing than the original!

Patrick said...

Thanks you very much Amir .I had a instant connection with this character my wife use to call me "Big Boy" and at 5 years old I look exactly like this statue.
The drawing is closer to the statues front of the restaurant than the character you see inside on the napkins or the packet of salt.