Monday, April 07, 2008

#239 Believe it or not


Nate said...

WOW...., how long did it take to weld that?

Anonymous said...

Patrick, je vois que Nina a signé.
Elle a dessiné une partie?


Patrick said...

Non Nina a pris la photo avec le dinosaure.gros bisous Stephane
Patrick & Nina
Hello Nate I Have no idea I haven't met the sculptor who did the Dino. Myself I only use Plasticine.

Jenny said...

How are you? I hope all is well. : )

I miss you!

Achdé said...

Une version moderne des pierrafeu ? C'est superbe et très drôle. Chapeau !

Patrick said...

Jenny ,I miss you too,I have to have lunch with all of you "Dragon
People".La bise
Et grand merci pour le coup de chapeau mr Achde.

Jenny said...

Patrick-you will have to come over & have lunch with me a little way away-I'm not at DW now! I've left to go have adventures on another planet, so to speak-but I'm still nearby & we should definitely lunch and talk! And with Dragons friends too. : )

I am loving all these recent posts(and the not-quite-so-recent, too). Bravo!

Carole said...


Patrick said...

Jenny I'm glad you told me,this give you a idea of how aware I am of what is going on around me.I would love to see you in your new planet. I'll ask Paul for your ext.take care

thank you carole

Adolfo Rodriguez said...

cool! i like this alot!


KIKELIN said...

Uau! Yo tembién tengo curiosidad por la técnica.


Patrick said...

Thankyou Adolfo
Muchas gracias Sr Kikelin ,el technic
es photoshop