Tuesday, June 26, 2007

# 170 ?

I clean up some of my doodles.Don't ask.I'm sure this is the result of this eye check-up I just had.


Carole Guermeur said...


Jarrett said...

These are too fun.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Heh, heh, they are super cool!
I love how you perfectly spotted expression and physiognomy in each of the numbers.
You managed to make something so boring and lame into awesome cartoons.
I will definitely look at them from now on with different eyes.

Cheers to you and your skill



Harald said...

.... so, how did the eye test go ?

The Q character is my favorite.


Patrick said...

Thankyou for passing by and leaving some comment .No changes ,was the result Harald.For some funny reason the Q remind me a bit of you Harald,and the X remind me a wonderful cat called Louis .

Emile Franc said...

The 1 remind me a young beardless inhabitant of the weird Paris suburbs, Clichy ss bois....
cher Patrick.. mille bravos pour ton blog sans cesse alimenté, puit sans fond de pitrakeries intenses et merveilleuses... j'ai 2 photos vintages à poster sur ton blog ou ailleurs...comment qu'on fait?

Patrick said...

Francois envoie les moi a pmate@dreamworks.com .Une grosse bise a Elise et aux garcons.C'est marrant le N me rappelait un autre jeune homme qui habitait rue de Rennes.