Saturday, March 03, 2007

#141 multiplication

Like my friend Dave I have a something to tell you.Last week I got cloned by a fellow worker Andy Bialk.


Zimpleton said...

The original Patrick is still by far the best.


Patrick said...

Thanks to Andy who made this little creation,I can see what it feel to see miself all around,It is ,to me, very unconfortable and extremely scary.
I'm very glad to hear from you Bo ,hope you're well.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Which one is the real you ??

Serguei said...

This is FANTASTIC Patrick!
Now you can make 7 times more
of your beautiful paintings and
plus + animation.
I wish I could...

Boris Andreev said...

Hey, this is really funny Patrick, even scary yet! :o)
And I like the idea of the picture at the top.
You're SO productive! Keep it up doing your great stuff!!!

All the best,
from Vancouver

TotalD said...

Lol ! Lucky Nina ! Which one gets to do the dishes ? =)

tova said...

hahaha trop bien vu ce dessin !!!