Sunday, January 28, 2007

#137 Play it again Borge

Mark Mayerson , on his blog, was wondering why Mr Borge Ring hasn't been more influential in terms of his design style, his subject matter and his direction. I must say he was extremely influential to me .When I saw "Anna et Bella" in Annecy I was dum-struck. I didn't know such animation still existed!. A mix between Santa Claus, Orson Wells and a real Viking was my impression of him when we first worked together in 1985 on "The Big Bang", one of Picha's movies. I also worked with him on"Mr T.V", a tv show from Mr Vivian Miessen and then later on Asterix "The Big Fight" and finally at Amblin on "We're Back".
I'm a huge fan of his animation. His short movies are just wonderful, and his musical compositions are unforgettable.
I'm sure Oscar and Mirabelle agree with me.


TotalD said...

I have the same feeling about Borge. I remember his wonderful Oscar speech for Anna and Bella and his Asterix animation is some of my favorite Asterix work. Everyone who has met him has said what a charming person he is as well.

Trine said...

Oh yes, Børge Ring – Hear you! - A ‘must see’ if just the slightest interest in moviemaking. – Your honour to him her is beautiful Patrick... Maybe you should email him the picture?
Thank you for posting these entire great artists, which they are, and all the inspiration they give –


Boris Hiestand said...

here here!

Patrick said...

Yes Dave very charming , discreet,precautious in his manners,extremely polite .Without the smell of his pipe you woudn't know he was around.
Borge if you are reading this I hope you're well,Take care

Nathan Fowkes said...

Greetings from Redwood city. Sounds like I need to get familiar with Borge Ring, meanwhile, your peices are a blast as always.

Tom Sito said...

Borge is indeed a great artist and a wonderful man. We tippled many a pot of Cotes Du Rhone at Annecy in 1987. Shamus Culhane used to call him Borge using a soft G like in George. On Roger Rabbit he'd drop in on Dick Williams and immediately engage him in an in-depth discussion about jazz musicians like Bix Biderbecke and Lester Young. At age 85 he's still making animation. Bravo Borge!!

bsleven said...

I just found your blog, and I think your art work is amazing.

: )

ben rush said...

Patrick, you are amazing.
There is so much to inspire here.
Thank God for this blog.

FerdinandKreozot said...

Awesome work.
You rock!
Cheers to your skill,



Elena said...

you have an amazing style. i love your blog and i am adding it to my links

cidin said...

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i'm brazilian
i found very nice and very cool your work
god bless you

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Elena said...

wow thank you
i will regularly visit you too now i got you on my links under illustrators :) it's great to know people who share the same passion as oneself for creating
take care!

cidin said...

thank you for replying.
god bless you


Ian Lumsden said...

What a thoroughly interesting discussion about a heart-warming movie. The blog, Patrick, is superb. Wonderfully illustrated. As it happens, and independently of this feature, I've written about Borge on my own blog - Wednesday 13th February so not posted until tomorrow:

sexy said...
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