Saturday, January 27, 2007

#136 Love story

Harold & Maude. My favorite movies often have an unconventional storyline with some unconventional actors.Ruth Gordon (Maude) was such a fantastic actress, I miss her.Once again the casting was terrific and the perfomances of all the actors truly wonderful.


Matt J said...

Ha! That's excellent. I watched this movie for the first time only last year- it's a little known gem.
Hal Ashby is overshadowed by the surviving 'movie-brats' of the 70s but his films are some of the more interesting. BEING THERE is great too.
Watching HAROLD & MAUDE I thought Wes Anderson must be hugely influenced by it. Alexander Payne too.

Boris Andreev said...

Oh, Patrick! I love this :) And the movie is really great.

Lee-Roy said...

Ha! I love this! Genial! Such excellent caricatures and use of color (or lack thereof).