Monday, January 01, 2007

#131 Christmas toy

A great illustration from Jonathan Cusick gave me the idea for this post.


Jonathan said...

Great, Patrick!

So many people would work really well painted on one of those, I think they're great fun (and toymakers are really missing a trick!). Robbie Williams, Mr T, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna, Michael Jackson.. they were others I considered doing, though I'm thinking about getting four and doing the Beatles.

Jakob Jensen said...

Happy New Year, Pitrack, and thanks for the mention in post #128. Hope you're doing fine.

Matt J said...

Happy New Year! Love the George Vader & Jonathan's Bond is incredible too. Nice to see you guys playing with these toys!

Reynes said...

Toujours aussi géniales tes caricatures ! En particulier celle de Lino.
Bonne année !

Sam Nielson said...

Great use of proportion in this and the Cary Grant square!

Marcos Mateu said...

That's the guy!
Happy New Year!!!

FerdinandKreozot said...


Your stuff is always joy to look at.

Cheers to you,


Alina Chau said...


perkypickle said...


monsieur, you are a bit of a jedi master yourself!

(you new cellmate in FAB)

Patrick said...

Jacob,your very welcome.
Matt,thankyou for all your comments.
I hope the French are treating you well.Take care.
Mathieu,thankyou,yes Lino is one of my all time favorites .
Thanks Sam,for your visit,I saw your blog and love it.
Marcos,may the force be with you.
Thankyou Mr Milenko,love your work too.
Alina,thanks for dropping in.
Jordan,thankyou man ,right now I feel more like a poddling from Dark Cristal.

Fabio Lai said...

Ah AH Ah! Simply great!