Monday, November 27, 2006

#123 haut les mains,peau de lapin...

Here his my second attempt on Jack Palance.


FerdinandKreozot said...

awsome works.

You got yourself a fan :)



=^._.^=GĂ©rard said...


Keep cool man !!!!!!!!!!

Take it easy !!!!!!!!



Marcos Mateu said...

That's from his movie "Showdown at Stockton Corral" isn't it?

tamouch said...

Excellent blog!

Jenny said...


Say Patrick, I have a question: right this moment I'm watching "Vivement Dimanche" on TV5; why is it that everyone applauds by clapping in unison: Clap-clap-clap" all together? here we only do it that way in time to music or dancing, not just as a general way of approval. Does the american way sound odd to french folk? Do other cultures applaud like the french, or like americans?
You can tell me tomorrow if you see me! : )
Have a nice Sunday!