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Sunday, November 19, 2006

#121 Bye bye Jack

"One-Arm Jack" has left us last week .Here his my homage to Jack Palance ,one of the best villains ever! We will miss him.


Anonymous said...

Sniff sniff

Great homage Patrick!

Federico Bertolucci said...

Yes, great homage by the great artist for the great actor!

Patrick said...

Thankyou very much .I don't fill I got him yet .I' m going to do a another pass on him,do a acrylic pass,and maybe some more portrait. Mr jack Palance ,I have to say,got a fantastic face to paint.

Cholki said...

Another Palance tribute. Sweet. I debated to do the one handed push up or not but went with Curly from City Slickers. He did have presence didn't he. Nice Job Patrick. I have to drop by when you pull off the other Palances.Your talent is just sick man.