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Monday, July 03, 2006

#92 Shhhhhhhh!...


Claude Bordeleau said...

Very funny and well done!

Trine Frank said...

- Absolutely adore this piece..
Beautiful style.
Best from,

Patrick said...

Thank you very much Claude.
Trine lovely to here from you,big kisses from Nina and I.

Trine Frank said...

Dear Nina & Patrick,
Thank you - big hugs and kisses to you too.. It is always lovely to see and enjoy your amazing work.
Keep up the good work BOTH of you. All my best to you too Nina,- you are very talented, always remember that.
- Looking forward to see you again one day - I loooved the little 'fishes' in your pool...
All best from,

Pirate Club said...

A different style to the one we are used to from you.
! Awsome !

Reynes said...

Très chouette design ! J'aime beaucoup.

Patrick said...

Merci Mathieu.
Marcos You are Awsome.

my brown book said...

i love the creature!!!!


Federico Bertolucci said...

This is a wonderfull nightmare!