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Saturday, June 17, 2006

#85 For Bibo

A painting of Raymond Devos ,"Goossens"style.If you want to see a great caricature of him, go check Mr Maesters' blog, if you haven't done so already.


Bibo said...

Merci et Bravo Patrick!

"Une fois rien, c'est rien ; deux fois rien, ce n'est pas beaucoup, mais pour trois fois rien, on peut déjà s'acheter quelque chose, et pour pas cher." R.D.

Jonathan said...

Awesome work!

Patrick said...

Thank you very much Jonathan .I had a great time visiting your web site.your portait gallery was absolutly terrific!.And what a pleasure to see all those english celebrities you've done in your commercial work.(I'm a big fan of David Jason)After five years in London I got strongly addicted to english comedies.I hope we keep in touch.

Jonathan said...

Thanks very much, and for for taking the time to look at my work. I've had to do David Jason five times, and differently every time, so I feel like an expert on him.

Your sense of tone and form is just amazing. I love your Ringo and Margaret Rutherfords, your Mum in LA, and the Siegfreid and Roy, so much great work. Look forward to revisiting.

Jeremy Bernstein said...

Beautiful Patrick! Look at this! I found video!