Sunday, May 14, 2006

#77 Jim did it !

Here is a little drawing I did of my father-in-law next to one of his creation.
Aurelie,there is a witch in it!


Mark said...

Ha!...Excellent blog :)

Hans said...

Glad I found this awesome blog! I love your stuff. Your portraits are great, spot on and hilarious. I had a good time looking through all your posts and will definitely come back for more.

Take care,


mackaydesign said...

Awesome Gingerbread house. You're father-in-law looks pretty pleased with himself. Great subtlety in the expression.

zebe said...

jamais vu un blog aussi étonnant et vivant.
moi, si je faisais un blog, il y aurait un post tous les dix ans
tu soignes tes visiteurs vraiment.
en même temps on prend de mauvaises habitudes.
serais tu chiche de faire un post par jour....hmmmm???
allez, chiche?
et une emission hebdomadaire en video?

avec de l'anim

et des filles qui dansent


Aurelie said...

ouiiiiiiii viiiive les sorcieres :D
ton beau-pere est super fortiche en sorcieres (il devrait faire un blog avec tout ce qu'il a fait)

stef said...

Great job from your father in law.

Marlo Meekins said...

great caricatures and stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Alina Chau said...

WOW!! That's V cool, awesome drawing and little sculpture!

Samuel Michlap said...

How are you? I miss all you guys at DW. I love the blog you have and will be adding you to my new Blog. Could you do the same for me? Give me a call sometime.
Sam Michlap

ken said...

hey your work is amazing, love your caricatures :D

Patrick said...

Merci a tous les petits loups.
Thank to all of you guys.

UM said...

Hey Pitrak,
Thank you for your kind words. I'm very flattered!!! It's nice to know that.
But you've obviously sped ahead and went your own marvellous path. Love coming here.