Tuesday, May 02, 2006

#72 Digital portrait of Gabriele

Who better than my friend Gabriele, to help me celebrate "labor day".Yes in many country it's the first of May.
Who ever think this caricature remind you of a famous comic book character is perfectly right.


Patrick said...

Sorry I had to repost my image and I lost all your comments guys!but they were very much appreciated anyway!

Makiks said...

Love this love this love this!
(Can i make it into a button, Gabriele? :P )

Yaxin said...

Gabriele like Joe Dalton.. or Everest Dalton? :DDDDD
You got him perfectly... Bravo

Patrick said...

We have a choice between:Joe,jack,William or the tallest Averell Dalton.That is, in the french publication.Or could it be Ma dalton,their mother diguised, I seem to remember she wore glasses.

Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Patrick, thanks for the Ma Dalton suggestion.