Tuesday, April 25, 2006

#71 A Great movie with a Great casting

I dedicate this painting to my friend Will Finn.


Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoups, my friend. Brilliant work!(as always!)

Alina Chau said...

Amazing painting!!

Jenny said...

I claim it too(even if you did do it for Will, heh)! Fantastic!

Enrique Fernandez said...

Great, great,great!

Patrick said...
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Patrick said...

Will 100%,Jenny 100% no way...no way out...in case people taught that I'm losing my mind just watch
and enjoy the movie "the Producers"
with Zero Mostel,Gene Wilder and many more great actors.Directed by Mel Brooks(do I dare to say is best movie...anyway to my point of view)

Patrick said...

By the way it's my post I deleted because my spelling in french and in english is miserable

shannon said...

This is beautiful Patrick! I hope you're doing well!


Patrick said...

-I Shannon are you back in the valley .I owe you a meal remember.nice to hear from you.
-Enrique I got your collection of
Oz. (superb)

Bibo said...

Salut Patrick!
J'adore ce que tu as fait avec "the producers"...super illustration d'un super film de Mel Brooks> (even though I think "Young Frankenstein" is better,'hint,hint' for my taste...it's what a real parody should be!)

A pluche.


Bibo said...

Say Hi to Will for me, please!


Anonymous said...

Hello BIBO!

Our hints should keep Patrick busy into his old age! Hope all is well with you and Sylvia et les enfants!


Bibo said...

Hello Will,

I feel like we're squatters chatting in Patrick's room...I hope he doesn't mind!...I'll leave the place as clean as I have found it!
My family and I are great, Hope yours is great too!
Ask Patrick for my Email address,...I'ld love to keep in touch!

a bientot


Enrique Fernandez said...

Thanks again, Patrick! :)

David Zweig said...

you call dat a painting?? der fuhrer could paint an apartment in one afternoon!

two coats!

so good...so dang good.

Lee-Roy said...

WONDERFUL. I love this film and am renting it soon! I just breezed through Gene Wilder's autobiography. I recommend it for anyone who's a fan.

Piotr said...

glorious job! Very nice to look at!

David Germain said...

The Producers is one of the greatest films Mel Brooks or anyone has ever done. You've captured the likenesses of all the films characters perfectly.