Monday, February 13, 2006

#37 Hide and seek

Aurelie was my inspiration for the way I put the numbers.This drawing is for Cynthia.


Aurelie said...

thanks for the acknowledgment ;)
Is it part of a book? this little Mirabelle and all the funny/strange characters?
I like especially when she's meeting the Zbrush, and she's doing this cuuuute little curvet whith her skirt!

Patrick said...

I Aurelie ,no it's not part of a book...yet.I hope i get to see your 3d movie.Take care.

Patrick said...

When I said 3d I meant it in the original term.I loooove To watch clay animation.

=shane white= said... make me laugh. Man, between your technique and your results I certainly get a kick out of your work.


Aurelie said...

Yeah stop-mo is wooooonderful!
it was so good to work with that medium
My filming is done now, but the sound is still quite crude... you might see the film soon anyway

I hope I will see YOUR paintings for real as well!