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Monday, January 16, 2006

#7 A portrait of Lucian Freud

I love Lucian Freuds' paintings. Here is my homage to the artist and his model.


Rob, Harrow UK said...

Hi Patrick - excellent picture of Lucian Freud. I was lucky enough to bump into him at London's Almeida Theatre last year.

We made eye contact, and I wanted to blurt out how great I thought he was - and then the moment was lost, and he moved away. Such are the moments of regret...

Any chance of larger pictures of Picasso and "les tontons flingueurs"? I click on them, but these particular images stay the same size. Hard to see the detail otherwise.

Many thanks.

Patrick said...

I Rob Im afraid some will stay in lower definition .Sorry.

Alexandra Boiger Illustration said...

Just beautiful!!

williams said...


Trine Frank said...

It's Beautiful Patrick! - I sense the breath and every little veinlet pumping..
Such amazing talent you have - Such amazing voice!

All best from,
Trine Frank

NB: Say hello to Nina, I enjoyed seeing you guys in summer, thank you -

Patrick said...

Bless you Trine,I hope You're well. Take good care of yourself.Love Patrick & Nina