Sunday, January 15, 2006

#4 Our very best friends

A while ago I did this painting of Pres & Jeannine as Bonnie & Clyde.


Jeremy Bernstein said...

ha ha. This is great! I know those two. What's up Patrick?

Matthew Russell said...

That is spot on. I've had the good fortune of working with Pres while he was here for The Ant Bully. He is one kick ass talented artist.

And speaking of kick ass artists, Patrick this site and your work rock...amazing.

willipino said...

hahaha... awesome. pres looks so gangsta!

Patrick said...

Thank you all very much

Andrea Blasich said...

ciao Patrick,
I love this one!I love the two character specially the guy.
Say hello to Pres and Jeannine

Alexandra Boiger Illustration said...

I can't get over it. I am still laughing!
Hello to Pres and Jeannine!